© Amber Webb pandemic art. Linking ACES, trauma, abuse, oppression.

Ink on wood, 24×24 I’ve been thinking about ACES and how the limbic system when changed by trauma destroys our family systems. People can heal from this trauma and take their place in traditional society. Every person who practices the old teachings and tries to learn more of those teachings is healing our collective world. Everyone is capable of healing, but if someone behaves abusively toward you, leave them to find their own healing and go find your own healthy life. The elders tell stories that are admonitions about how to treat people. Men in their stories who mistreat women have bad things happen to them because they upset the natural order of things. Women who scheme and manipulate also meet an ill fate. Even in war times, men were taught not to hurt women. Abuse is something introduced by a complete upheaval of our social structure and value system. It is a symptom of colonial oppression.

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