Rural Alaska

To the west of Denali lies vast areas of rural Alaska: land where the pink glow from sunrise behind the largest mountain in North America lasts for hours through the cold months of the year, land unconnected by road to the rest of the continent.

Rural Alaskans Have Stories

Subsistence food and other traditional living skills continue to be important to survival for people living in rural Alaska. Many diverse, primarily Alaska Native, communities manage to integrate modern technology with traditional lifestyles amidst social, environmental, and economic changes. These are stories of survival.

Rural Alaskans Connect

Through the blog, resource links, and information about upcoming projects and events, this website informs and connects those who live in and those who care about rural Alaska.

Rural Alaskan Writers Publish

Denali Sunrise Publications publishes media which promote the integrity and survival of subsistence-based and indigenous cultures. Our subjects primarily pertain to rural Alaska. Though primarily an independent book publisher, we also provide high quality book design and development services for agencies and individuals wishing to self-publish. For more information, see our workroom page, or email us at

About the Owner

Lisa Alexia grew up surrounded by tall stacks of books in a major metropolitan area of northern California. She left the urban life in the 1990s. After living for several years in a distant corner of Minnesota, she moved to a remote, roadless area of rural Alaska. Her heart and soul resides with subsistence food traditions, and with the people who have given generously to help her understand life in ways very different from the urban world in which she grew up. Her children are Athabascan, and along with her family, she understands first hand the challenges of negotiating transitions between urban and rural living.

She has been writing from a young age and has experience editing, designing, and publishing books. With a full curiosity about life, and the flexibility necessary for living in rural areas, she has worked in a variety of other fields as well. In rural Alaska, she worked for many years as a Community Health Practitioner in a remote village. She continues to work intermittently providing health care in rural Alaska as a physician assistant. She is committed to using the best of her lifelong literary experiences to benefit rural Alaska and the people who depend on its survival.

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