Denali Sunrise Publications



The intent of the bookstore is to strengthen community by encouraging people to buy and read physical books that build deeper understanding of issues pertinent to rural Alaska. Rural Alaska librarians may find this curated store a particularly useful tool for nurturing literacy and pride in their communities. 

Books are selected for their relevance to rural Alaska, especially those which support the integrity and survival of Indigenous ways of life. These books come from a variety of publishers in the U.S. and Canada. If you think a book should be listed here that isn’t, please contact us to let us know.

We use Aerio to provide a secure storefront; our website displays all the available books. Clicking on any price below will take you away from this website to Aerio’s platform with a more complete description and the opportunity to purchase the book online.

We usually offer a discount of 5% discount off print books. Sign up for our newsletter to receive periodic coupon codes for greater discounts. The storefront site is best viewed from a desktop computer.

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